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fameeliquorlove said:
Seriously the most amazing & sexy blog everrrrr

I answered:

Thank you!

Anonymous said:
July 4 concert sound sucked. couldn't hear Vince sing entire evening. had to sing the words in my head. disappointing for my family whom i brought to experience Crue for the first time.

I answered:

oh that sucks! It could have just been a one time thing or something… But Vince has been known to have issues with singing all the songs before. Hopefully they’ll get it fixed!!

Anonymous said:
Love your blog! Got my tickets today! So psyched! This is it!!! 😔✌️

I answered:

Thanks! Awesome!! I got mine a little while ago! 

Anonymous said:
Does vince neil talk to his kids?

I answered:

I don’t really know, I’m assuming he does

Here’s an interview with his son from 98’ and he talks about his family some…

A lot can change in 15 years though… soo.. if anyone else knows?

realtreegirl85 said:
Love this blog :) im proud to say my dad named me after vince neil's daughter skylar :)

I answered:

Aww thanks! I love the name Skylar :)

ghoul0fmaggot said:
Loving your blog! man, I just can't die before going to a Motley show :(

I answered:

Thanks so much! I hope you get to see them! I got my tickets a few days ago!

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