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ghoul0fmaggot said:
Loving your blog! man, I just can't die before going to a Motley show :(

I answered:

Thanks so much! I hope you get to see them! I got my tickets a few days ago!

lexuscarr21 said:
Wow. Are you really retired

I answered:

I’m not sure who you are asking so i’ll answer both..

My Blog: No, I just haven’t posted much lately

The Band: After their tour tour ends, yes they are retiring. But at least a few of them I know have side projects they work on.

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canadiancruefan said:
Wicked awesome man!!!!!!

I answered:

Thanks! Glad you like my blog! :)

ifollowfantasticblogs said:
i went to the very last page of this blog. it was quite a nice trip. you got any photos of vanity and nikki? idk ive only seen two of them. anywho, catch you on the flip side.

I answered:

thank you! i just posted some for you!

Welcome to Fuck Yeah Motley Crue. This blog is a FAN blog! I just decided to share all of my pictures with you!
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